Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inappropriate Logos

A new method to clean teeth?

I guess it's a popular method.

Special sauce?

Who approved this?

Instituto de Estudos Orientais
(Translation: Sit and Spin School)

Maybe it's just me but I see boobies!


I have no clue.

Megaflicks - Not the best font for this word huh?

I think a space could help a bit here.

Thanks to Average Jane and her sister for this great addition. haha!

Smiley me, it's nice to do.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Great roundup of hilarious photos. And no, it's not you. I saw boobies, too. Although I don't think I've ever typed the word "boobies" in my life and now I've done it tiwce.

Average Jane said...

My sister just sent me this one today:

The Acorn King said...

Ha, I didn't see the boobies at first...but now I do. (Giggles to self). I think the Arlington Pediatric one is my favorite of all of them though.

Anonymous said...

Boobs. Definitely boobs. If I was of the "lower class" type of broad, these photos would be on MY blog by tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You are being featured on my blog for Tuesday, August 26.

Jill said...

we own a ad agency, and that makes these signs even funnier, how could anyone approve these in the first place. I bet the people at the sign companies were laughing their heads off when they were making these

Hammy said...

Now THAT... is an awesome collection. Wowie!

Sensei said...

I'd ask the question, What's worse?

Megaf#@ks? Or the banner in front of the store that offers 2 for $5.99?

great post.

Kirsten said...

I'm going to be laughing about Megaflicks all day! Thanks for that!

Chris Wood said...

Yep, definitely boobies :)

Diesel said...

The Arlington Pediatric one is MESSED UP.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck.

I wonder who signed off on ANY of those.

I like megafucks.

loosecannon said...

I just have one question: Does Megafucks charge late fees?

Loose Cannon and the RUFKM Army

FYI - We stole your youtube skating monkey from you for an upcoming post called "Monkey Business" For that we will give you 2 smiley faces and add you to our blogroll.

M.G. Helm IV said...

Hey, check my page out when you get a have a major award waiting for you. Woka-woka-woka.

Mulled Vine said...

Superb!! LOL

Aglaia said...

here's another!