Monday, August 4, 2008

"splatt z-zwap boff zowie!"

My 3 year old son Devin will be turning 4 in September so I have been looking online for cool gifts to get him. He has been in a super hero phase for some time now and in my search for some amazing hero toys I found this adorable vintage Batman squirt gun.

Just unplug it's behind area, fill with water, squeeze the nicely placed trigger and "splatt z-zwap boff zowie!" The other guy gets a splash! I'm not sure this is a great choice as a gift but I'm positive it would be a hit on share day at school.


Brownie said...

What's better than a toy that innocently pleases the kiddos while us adults can giggle like teenagers at the inappropriateness. Seriously? I'd LOVE to meet the engineer who designed this...probably the same guy who put the...ahem..."anatomically male" castle in the "Little Mermaid" VHS box cover art. If I could give you 100 "smileys" for this find, I would, but we'll have to settle for one.

Bee said...

THAT! Is the funniest thing I seen in days!! THE FUNNIEST!!