Thursday, August 14, 2008

Attack of the Noodles!

It was around 3am last night that I awoke from a very deep sleep to the screaming of my little monkey. “MOM, MOM, MOM!” So I leap out of bed and manage my way through the blackness of the hallway into his room. I find little monkey on his bed screaming and I pick him up at once… poor little guy had a bad dream. He insisted on coming in to sleep with me because he was so scared. I normally do not allow this but I could tell he was really rattled and the other option was to lay with him and that always leaves me hurting in the morning.

So I carry the little one into my room and lay him next to me… I lean over and say “what was your bad dream about?” he replies ”noodles." Noodles? Haha, what? I lay there for about 20 minutes trying to image what he could have possibly been dreaming about. Here is what I came up with.

Maybe he was dreaming that a pile of Penne was engulfing him!

Or perhaps a glowing gobbling fettuccini monster came to get revenge!

I never realized how scary noodles could be! I couldn’t sleep after this. My mind started wandering, what does it mean to dream of noodles? I looked it up in my dream book and here is what it said "To see noodles in your dream, signifies an abnormal appetite and desire. This is not a great dream." So, does little monkey have an abnormal desire for something? Is he just really hungry? I’m not sure but I do know that having him in my bed reminded me why I don’t allow him in here anymore, for such a small monkey he sure can kick! He goes right for the ribs and he goes all night! I was wishing I had one of those k9 attack suits to protect me. I think all parents with children between the ages of 2-5 should invest in one of these suits. You might also want one if you have a rabid dog.


The Acorn King said...

Ha ha, scary stuff! He might have also seen this video:

SpaceMonkey said...

Hahahaha! That video is hilarious!

Tiffany said...

HAHA My son dreams about Scooby Doo biting his arm off and last night I dreamed a skunk attacked me. They're vicious I tell ya. LOL

Alpha said...

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