Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Take Obama to the Store"

My son Devin has been watching the debates and CNN with me. I think it's a great time to teach kids about how elections work, government and politics. My son is only 4 years old but hey, why not start early? So Devin told me his thoughts and my awesome boyfriend edited the video clips into a great video for youtube. Check it out.

As my dad said "Always good to hear from those whom the government has saddled with all the debts ... since they have so many billions of interest to pay they should get involved ... even at 4"

Give a monkey treat!
Then please go show The Acorn King some love for making the video for me!


Anonymous said...

Considering your son is only 4 years old, I'm betting he is pro-Obama for no reason other than his parents are pro-Obama. ;). Cute video though. I think it's hilarious that McCain calls Obama eloquent, eloquence is not saying Um every other word :P.

SpaceMonkey said...

I think the main reason he likes Obama over McCain is that Obama looks very friendly and McCain looks angry. Kids are smarter than most give them credit. I'm glad that he will grow up with a president he likes... hopefully it will keep him interested in politics which is a very important thing.

colbymarshall said...

Not to mention he probably thinks McCain looks old. That's an issue for him, I think.